Accommodation Creek Cottages & Sundown View Suites COVIDSafe plan

COVID‑19 will be with us for some time, and due to this reason, we have developed a Accommodation Creek Cottages and Sundown View Suites (ACCSVS) COVIDSafe plan to ensure that we keep our guests, staff and Granit belt region safe and virus‑free.

All Australian Governments have agreed to a set of National COVID‑19 Safe Work Principles to guide us and to ensure that our accommodation and workplaces are healthy and safe. Below is the necessary information that will assist Accommodation Creek Cottages and Sundown View Suites to operate into the future while COVID-19 is still a threat to the community.

How is COVID-19 transmitted?

According to current evidence, the COVID-19 virus is transmitted between people through respiratory droplets (particularly when coughing). Direct contact with an infected person or indirect contact, (touching a surface or object that has been contaminated with respiratory secretions) and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes is another route of transmission. Hotels and tourism accommodation establishments are no more susceptible to contagion than other public establishments visited by large numbers of people who interact among themselves and with employees.

Keeping people safe (clients, staff, and contractors):

Below are links to the key documents relevant to keeping the workplace safe. We have taken time to review these handouts and have utilised this information when talking to and training our staff in COVID-19 response.

·          how to keep workers safe and limit the spread of COVID‑19

·         what can I do to keep my workers safe at the workplace and limit the spread of COVID-19 checklist

·         information for hotels and hotel staff

Prepare and Prevent: making sure our workplace is safe and clean:

Keeping Accommodation Creek Cottages & Sundown View Suites safe and clean is one of the most important elements in managing the risks surrounding COVID-19. We are already committed to cleaning our cottages and suites with appropriate chemicals and maintaining the facilities to the highest hygiene standards. Our focus now is to ensure that the guests and staff are reassured that we as a community are actively managing the risks. During these developing times the key things as we progress during and after the COVID-19 pandemic are:

Safework Australia has all the relevant documents for the workplace and these links are below. This information has been used to guide us when managing our employees.

Maintain good hygiene and cleaning:

Safe Work Australia cleaning check list

Safe Work Australia health, hygiene and facilities check list

We have spoken to our workers about how to maintain good hygiene and cleaning.

Stay Physically Distant:

Safe Work Australia advice on physical distancing

Completed the physical distancing check list

We have spoken to our workers about how to stay physically distant and safe.

Follow Advice: Additional changes for your specific business or industry:

Reviewed Safe Work Australia Hospitality Employer information

Reviewed the mandatory public health directions that apply to the accommodation industry

We have spoken to our workers about changes specific to the accommodation industry.

Responding to a COVID‑19 infection: What to do in the event of an infection?

Our main priority is to keep guests, staff, and the local community completely safe whilst they work or stay at Accommodation Creek Cottages & Sundown View Suites. In the event of an infection it is important that you follow the guidance provided by Safe Work Australia and the QLD public health authority.

Guests or customers suspected of having an infection:

The World Health Organization has an informative hand-out covering all aspects of managing COVID-19 in the accommodation sector.

WHO Interim Guidance Management in Accommodation sector

It should be noted that guests who become ill with respiratory symptoms may need to be isolated, provided with meals, a private bathroom facility and be supported in accessing medical assistance. A clinical decision will be made by the Local Public Health Unit as to where the ill person should be managed with consideration of reducing risk of geographical spread.

An arrangement has been put in place by Accommodation Creek Cottages & Sundown View Suites to enable guests to meet self-isolation requirements if needed (ie. the provision of self-contained accommodation with private bathroom and kitchen facilities for provisions of meals) so that guests do not access communal areas.

The Australian Department of Health advises that cleaning staff should avoid close contact with guests who have self-isolated. They should wear gloves while cleaning and use alcohol hand rub before and after wearing gloves. As an added precaution, cleaning staff may wish to wear a surgical mask while cleaning the cottage/suite. Before entering, cleaning staff may inquire if people are well, and ask them to put on a surgical mask.

Employee suspected of having an infection:

Workers have a responsibility to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others. If a worker believes they are at risk of infection of coronavirus, they should raise their concerns with their manager or WHS representative as soon as possible.

If you are concerned about a worker you should consult Safe Work Australia’s website

And refer to Safe Work Australia’s infographic  a printed version is located in the storeroom.

If a guest or staff member advises that they suspect or have COVID-19 please follow these steps:

1.       Isolate the area immediately.

2.       Notify Bevan or Jayne on 0413 380 324 or 0412 130 402

3.       Contact QLD Health immediately

4.       Refer to the Safe Work Australia website for advice on workers that are suspected of having COVID-19.

5.       Once we receive advice from QLD Health we can commence with the next steps.

QLD Health – 13 432 584

WorkCover QLD – 1300 362 128

If any member of staff is unwell with symptoms of fever or a respiratory tract infection (such as sore throat, cold, cough, aches, or shortness of breath) they areadvised not to come into work and are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19.

If a staff member is unwell and is tested for COVID-19, they cannot return to work until they have received a confirmed negative result. This is typically within 48 hours.

If a guest is unwell with symptoms of fever or a respiratory tract infection (such as sore throat, cold, cough, aches, or shortness of breath) they will beadvised not to visit Accommodation Creek Cottages and Sundown View Suites or the local region and will be encouraged to get testedfor COVID-19.

Remember that the community as a whole is responsible for being COVIDSafe, and it is not entirely up to the accommodation provider to manage guest behaviour. We will ensure that there is enough communication in place to assist with guiding our customers on our operating practices; however everyone is responsible for their own safety.

How to respond to a COVID19 infection:

Link - for staff / Link - for guests

Implementation of COVIDSafe work practices.

ACCSVS has compiled a set of measures that will be implemented prior to re-opening:

Communication & Marketing Plan for re-opening – 1 June 2020

ACCSVS will continue to monitor the situation and communicate where necessary.

Important resources from Department of Health, Safe Work Australia and Work Health and Safety (WHS) authorities.

The Department of Health Coronavirus (COVID-19) campaign resources

Safe Work Australia has developed an online hub with information on how to minimise the risk of COVID‑19 exposure in your workplace.

The hub is updated regularly and includes information on:

What are my duties under WHS law?

e.g.: who do I owe a duty to?, facilities, identify and manage risks, training, emergency plans

What can I do to keep workers safe?

e.g.: health monitoring, physical distancing, hygiene, vulnerable workers, PPE

Working from home

e.g.: mental health, home station set ups, identify and manage risks

What are my workers’ rights?

e.g.: consultation, discrimination, right to stop work

Cleaning and protection

e.g.: how to clean, what to use, PPE, masks, gloves

Mental Health

e.g.: looking after yourself and your staff, work related violence, family and domestic violence

Other helpful resources

A range of resources, including guidance from Safe Work Australia, is available in over 60 languages via theCOVID‑19 information hub in your language.

It’s also vitally important that all think about mental health

Help full resources:

 ·      My Business Health is a one-stop shop for small businesses to find information about business and wellbeing issues.

·      Ahead for Business hosted by Everymind is targeted at small businesses and includes podcasts and case studies to help support small business mental health issues.

·      Beyond Blue has a targeted Business Owners portal that has practical tips to support business owners. Beyond Blue also has an online forum that often includes posts from small business owners in the community.

·      Head to Health is a government resource that has links to trusted online and phone supports, resources and treatment options.